WK 1: GLAMFA Artist – April Bey

This work in particular caught my attention with the commonly used phrase, “Keep Calm and …” Bey’s art work conveyed images of some glorified icons. A symbol was painted on the top of each celebrity’s image. Over Beyonce’s portrait, a cross is painted to symbolize god-like status. A star or a sun is painted on top of Miley Cyrus to symbolize something sacred for trashy behavior. A bra is painted for Lena Dunham, I don’t know… I don’t even know who she is, maybe because she’s not wearing a bra? And last but not least, a symbol commonly used for poison or death for Olivia Pope, for whatever reason, I’m not too familiar with this celebrity as well. However, Bey does mention that the ghetto culture is accessorized into “swag” while revealing the struggles of the ghetto. Today’s culture worships these celebrities like “deities.” I admire the artist’s work overall because it depicts “celebrities glamorizing trash culture in a digital age.”


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