Wk 2: Classmate Interview – Irene Shin

Today I interviewed my classmate, Irene Shin. Originally from Korea, she transferred and continued her studies in Cypress High where she graduated. I asked, “What was the difference between schooling in Korea and here?” She explained that the class would stay in one room while the teachers would be the ones to walk in and out to other rooms. She is currently pursuing Nursing as her major and her favorite class is Psychology. Apparently her talent is sleeping a lot. She somehow manages to sleep early around 11:00pm – 12:00pm. Compared to me, that’s pretty early. I usually stay up until 3:00am – 4:00am either doing homework or just spacing out and then wake up at 6:15am for school. She likes that the campus has a vast amount of space with friendly folks and a cool pyramid. Does she like Pokémon? Yes, yes she does.. How cool is that!?!?! Her favorite Pokémon are Charmander and Togepi. Her favorite food to grub on is pasta. Her hobby is drawing and she likes to listen to pop music. Check out her site at: http://ireneeshin.wordpress.com


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