Wk 2: ENGR 101 Notes

I’ve always been told to take my classes seriously since kindergarten. I never liked doing my homework as a kid and often times I would doodle on the tables while the teacher was lecturing. I eventually learned to take school a little more seriously to pass my classes in high school. Earlier today, I pulled out my macbook during my Intro to Engineering class to check the syllabus on BeachBoard and while I was at it my friend, Willis, snatches my notebook and decides to doodle. Luckily I was able to type down notes with my macbook. I wasn’t bothered by him doodling on my notebook, but I wondered how he still managed to do fairly well in class despite his lack of focus toward the class. We used to go to the same high school and he was the type who could get high scores without trying too hard. I remember studying hardcore for a final and ending up with a C while he magically scored the highest in class without studying at all. I think he has a bright future ahead of him.


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