Wk 2: GLAMFA Artist- Heidi Kayser

Wk 2: GLAMFA Artist – Heidi Kayser

This art work by Heidi Kayser caught my attention today because of its intricate design which reminded me of a drawing I once made in the 10th grade. I enrolled for an architecture class where I learned to do basic drawings and designs of three dimensional objects. One of the first drawings we practiced was making a spiral with straight lines. The work’s web-like design also reminded me of the spiderman movies I watched over the weekend. Heidi Kayser’s art works in the gallery all share similarity in that none represent any common form of life. The artist’s work is not only limited to lines, but other works that take the forms of “nascent creatures.” One of the artist’s sculptures looked to me like an asteroid on a table, but it could also be a cocoon of some sort. The artist takes an approach to art the way an “Absurd scientist” would approach science. Heidi Kayser’s sculptures are “formless forms.” They are “not animal, not human, not furniture.” 


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