Wk 4: Classmate Interview – Mimi Ly

Today I got to interview the amazing fabulous Instagram famous undergraduate student Mimi Ly! We actually met last week through a mutual friend when Victor Kan and I went to grab some Korean Barbeque right after class. She’s Vietnamese and Chinese and mainly is with her mom who is Vietnamese.

Mimi is from Westminster, California. She graduated from La Quinta High School and is currently majoring in Psychology as a California State University of Long Beach student. She resides at her home in Westminster and commutes to campus everyday. She has class Monday through Friday because of whack classes that freshmen get.

Outside of school, she spends time as a hostess at Gen Korean Barbeque. Her favorite food is Sushi. Her favorite movie genre is Psychological Thrillers. She has four dogs and is very interested in the pug breed. She has two very silly pugs named Henry and Cornelius. The other dogs are named Mimi jr. and Tyrone. Her music interests include EDM, Indie, Rock, and Alternative. 


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