Wk 4: Artist – Maccabee Shelley

This magnificent piece of art, by Maccabee Shelley, caught my eye because it looked like ice cream. But according to Irene Shin it looks like a volcano. A green volcano. I like how it looks like ice cream splashing in a puddle of milk. The mixture of the colors is very unique.

The material that it’s made of seems to be glass-like material almost like a crystal. But the way it is put together is like several tiny broken pieces put together to form one whole bigger piece. I also like how the artist conveys the fragility of the sculpture through words like, “if you cut it apart, the pieces change and overtime they won’t fit back together anymore.”

The splash-like walls around the ice cream scoop make it look like it’s frozen in time. Maccabee Shelley also writes, “Fragility can be a way to measure time” in his description. I think that the Artist’s work is awesome.


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