Wk 4: Plaster Casting

Today was pretty fun. I was gonna wake up around 10:00 am then get dropped off at Victor’s house to go to the beach. But I woke up at like 7:00 am to a text message from Irene regarding the plaster casting. So I went to Victor’s place and met his doge, met some of his other friends, and got to hold a Katana and a rifle.

We then bought the plaster and went to the beach where we met up with Irene. We dug holes, poured the mixture in, and then waited. While waiting I dug myself a little couch. The the photo above was taken when it was finished.

Victor then took us to his place to crash for a bit. I discovered how awesome his car was with all the fancy buttons and stuff. Then he dropped Irene and me in CSULB to get picked up. I got a gnarly sunburn from today. But overall, it was a fun experience!


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