Wk 5: Classmate Interview – Troy Tintiangco

I had the opportunity of interviewing Troy Tintiangco last Thursday! Im not sure if you can see him clearly in the picture but, I first met this fine fellow a few weeks back when I first visited NSU. He and his friends were friendly enough to invite me to hang out with them after the club meeting.

He graduated from Mt. Carmel High and is currently a sophomore in CSULB majoring in film. I realized that he is engaged in many extracurricular activities because I’ve also seen him around in other clubs like PAC and KASA. It took me by surprise when I found out that we both had the same art class because I didn’t see him around until a week or two ago.

He has never been to the Philippines nor any other country outside of the United States. He likes to carry his skate board around because it’s convenient for traveling around campus and it makes him look cool. Overall, he is a pretty chill guy! Check out his page at http://troytintiangco.wordpress.com/


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