Wk 6: Classmate Interview – Renato Muralles

I had the privilege of interviewing Renato Muralles during my ART 110 class. He graduated from Leuzinger High School and is currently a student in CSULB majoring in Linguistics because he wants to travel to many places outside of the country, especially Europe. He commutes to campus and back home.

He loves to play soccer. During his high school years, he was a part of the soccer team. If he’s not playing soccer, then he’s watching soccer. If he’s not watching soccer, then he’s playing soccer through video games. Another sport that he knows how to play is golf. He learned how to play golf through hanging out with golfing friends. I used to take classes for golf back in the Philippines but it just wasn’t meant for me lol.

Renato spent about 7 years in Guatemala and lived around the countryside. He described the weather there as slightly different from Calfornia because when it rained there, rainfall would be very heavy compared to rainfall here. Another fun fact is that he’s double jointed on his thumbs!

Overall, he’s a cool guy. We have some similarities and both of us like the color blue. Check him out at: renatomuralles.wordpress.com


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