Wk 7: Artist – Kenita Hale

I chose this artist today because the gallery caught my attention with the candles and the red cloth. I thought that the pattern on the gallery resembles asian culture of some sort. When I went past the curtain I saw some candles and faces engraved on concrete slabs.

The room was gloomy but bright enough for me to see where I was walking. I also noticed that each concrete slab had different faces. The others had one face while this one had two faces. Which is probably why I chose to take a picture of it.

I think that the silver hair makes the faces stand out with the golden faces. Furthermore, the red concrete cause the faces to stand out even more. It felt like I was entering a temple with people watching me. I felt like the candles helped make me feel at peace at the same time. The artist’s work made me feel pretty zen!


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