Wk 7: Painting at Venice Beach

I went to Venice Beach earlier today with my friends, Steven Le, Victor Kan and his sister Vivian. We left early around eleven in the morning. We also spent some time looking for a Home Depot to buy some cans for spray painting.

It took us a while to get there. Im pretty sure i knocked out in the car. We almost parked in a spot for $25. Luckily Victor drove around the spot and then found a $10 spot. When we got there, we spent a good amount of time wandering around aimlessly trying to find an officer so that we could get a permit to do the spray painting until some guy who was doing some spray painting of his own told us that we didn’t need a permit. So we painted away!

It was quite difficult trying to avoid having the color of one paint drip over the other but I still managed to make my letters look decent lol. We then continued to a long journey for the search for food to eat. After a long while, we finally found a Japanese place called Daikokuya which served some really good ramen. Overall, it was a fun experience.


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