Wk 8: Artist – Nora Ayala

This magnificent piece of art caught my attention because from afar, it seemed as if it were just a plain blank piece of paper. When I walked closer, I began to notice different shades on the paper and after some time I saw a very faint image of a dog.

I thought it was pretty clever the way the dog was drawn on the paper. At the same time I also wondered what materials were used to draw the image of the dog. Personally, I like dogs more than cats. Dogs are full of energy and there’s even a “doge” meme.

The artist’s name, “Nora Ayala” also caught my interest because there was a mall in the Philippines that I loved to go to. It was called “Ayala.” Yep! I picked this art piece because I like dogs and the author’s name is the same as a mall’s.


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