Wk 9: Classmate Interview – Greg Violan

I had the chance to interview Greg Violan today. No thats not Greg looking at the camera lol. Greg is the one looking down at his phone. My first thought of Greg is that he seemed pretty quiet or reserved. Greg graduated from Polytechnic High School and is currently a sophomore in CSULB. He is majoring in Computer Science and commutes to school.

His hobbies include playing basketball, playing video games, working out and doodling. interestingly enough, we both like to doodle. Another thing we have in common is that we both have experience in breakdance. His favorite freeze is the nike freeze which he hasn’t attempted since 5-7 years ago. He also used to play pokemon games up until the gameboy sp era. His favorite pokemon was the fire type dog, growlithe. We both also like to watch anime, his favorite anime character is Naruto.

I was surprised to have found out that Greg and I share many things in common. Definitely check his site out at http://gregviolan.com/


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