Wk 11: Classmate Interview – Christopher Soerachmat

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher Soerachmat, an alumni from Westminster High School.He is currently a student attending in CSULB and majoring in Film and Electronics.

Similarly, we both have lived outside of the United States for a good amount of time. He lived in Indonesia and schooled there from Kindergarten through seventh grade, and I spent a total of eight years in the Philippines. According to him, the weather in Indonesia is usually very humid and when it rains, it rains a lot harder than when it rains here. Our languages also have some words that mean the same thing. the word “tae” means poop in both our languages and while I say “sapatos” for shoes, he says “sepatu.”

He discovered his interest in editing videos during his 3rd or 4th grade when his father gave him his first phone, a Nokia flip phone with a camera. He experimented with stop motion editing. His favorite part about film editing is about making something special from a regular video.

He’s an easy person to talk to and seems very chill. Check out his blog at http://christophersoerachmat.com/


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