Wk 15: Artist – Hyeri Kim

This piece of art caught my attention because it looked like a fancy plate and a propeller at the same time. It also resembles a sun somehow. The piece of art just looks intricate.

It turns out that her exhibit is entitled “His Extravagant Proposal” and that all the works are related to weddings and love since she finds value in those two. These are also heavily influenced by her Korean culture shown through the wedding gowns displayed in the gallery.

The picture illustrates a powerful yet very fragile art piece. Generally, I think that her art works were amazing and that it demonstrated how she values love.


Wk 13: Artist – Jeff Dula

This piece of art caught my attention most probably because of the color of the moon in this picture. The colors have great contrast and on the lower left there’s a pattern on the land.

It is not very often that you see a red moon in the sky. Usually it’s during an eclipse that the moon turns blood red. However, the moon is either setting or rising in this picture. The sky also looks pretty smoky. Or that can be the author’s exaggerated way of painting clouds.

Overall, I think this is a cool painting. The colors are very vivid and even just watching the colors is enjoyable.

Wk 12: Classmate Interview – Savannah Cheung

I had the pleasure of interviewing Savannah Cheung last Thursday. Its hard for me to find someone new to interview because I’m usually a reserved and quiet person but I luckily met her when I was looking for Victor.
She is currently an undeclared freshman in CSULB and graduated from San Gabriel High School in the 626 area. She was born in Cambodia is part Chinese and is maybe Thai? She’s not sure. She likes to paint and draw. Because of her busy schedule, she doesn’t have much time to watch tv shows. During her free time she plays videogame consoles or watches YouTube videos.
Overall she’s a cool person so check out her site at: http://savannahcheung.com