Wk 11: Student’s Choice – Sketch

For this week’s activity I decided to sketch a face. I’ve never sketched anyone’s face before. Ive also never taken an art class that taught me how to sketch. I always found it interesting to try and sketch a face because my grandfather and my mother both knew how to draw and paint.

I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with my inner artist. Yes the hat seems a bit off and the face is not 100% accurate, but I still feel accomplished. Im surprised that I spent many hours on this. I figured that it’s probably because I have no knowledge about shading.

I plan on giving this to my friend sometime. Hopefully she doesn’t find it too off haha.


Wk 8: Artist – Nora Ayala

This magnificent piece of art caught my attention because from afar, it seemed as if it were just a plain blank piece of paper. When I walked closer, I began to notice different shades on the paper and after some time I saw a very faint image of a dog.

I thought it was pretty clever the way the dog was drawn on the paper. At the same time I also wondered what materials were used to draw the image of the dog. Personally, I like dogs more than cats. Dogs are full of energy and there’s even a “doge” meme.

The artist’s name, “Nora Ayala” also caught my interest because there was a mall in the Philippines that I loved to go to. It was called “Ayala.” Yep! I picked this art piece because I like dogs and the author’s name is the same as a mall’s.

Wk 4: Artist – Maccabee Shelley

This magnificent piece of art, by Maccabee Shelley, caught my eye because it looked like ice cream. But according to Irene Shin it looks like a volcano. A green volcano. I like how it looks like ice cream splashing in a puddle of milk. The mixture of the colors is very unique.

The material that it’s made of seems to be glass-like material almost like a crystal. But the way it is put together is like several tiny broken pieces put together to form one whole bigger piece. I also like how the artist conveys the fragility of the sculpture through words like, “if you cut it apart, the pieces change and overtime they won’t fit back together anymore.”

The splash-like walls around the ice cream scoop make it look like it’s frozen in time. Maccabee Shelley also writes, “Fragility can be a way to measure time” in his description. I think that the Artist’s work is awesome.

Wk 2: Break Dance

Just in case you didn’t know. I’m a breakdancer. I like to brag about it because I’m pretty good at it. I’ve been dancing for about 3 years now and I have a deep passion for the dance. I could probably write a book about it but I’ll make it brief. Ever since I’ve learned how to break, I feel like I have a sense of identity. I probably introduce myself to everyone as a breakdancer. I have been visiting the CSULB Breakers Club to dance every Friday from 7pm – 10pm since I was a Sophomore in high school. Every now and then I also visit a dance room in the Rec Center after a long day. To me, the dance primarily serves as an escape and at the same time allows me to express myself.

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I hope you enjoy the vid!


Wk 2: ENGR 101 Notes

I’ve always been told to take my classes seriously since kindergarten. I never liked doing my homework as a kid and often times I would doodle on the tables while the teacher was lecturing. I eventually learned to take school a little more seriously to pass my classes in high school. Earlier today, I pulled out my macbook during my Intro to Engineering class to check the syllabus on BeachBoard and while I was at it my friend, Willis, snatches my notebook and decides to doodle. Luckily I was able to type down notes with my macbook. I wasn’t bothered by him doodling on my notebook, but I wondered how he still managed to do fairly well in class despite his lack of focus toward the class. We used to go to the same high school and he was the type who could get high scores without trying too hard. I remember studying hardcore for a final and ending up with a C while he magically scored the highest in class without studying at all. I think he has a bright future ahead of him.