Wk 12: Artist – Timothy Cooper

This art piece caught my attention because it took up a lot of space. Most of the room. Also because it was probably the only room open when I arrived to class.
The first thing that came to my mind was that it must’ve taken a long… long.. time to make all these plates by hand. 145 to be exact according to Timothy Cooper.
It was meant to show that people can work together which makes sense of why it’s in a plus shape. I think this art piece is awesome!


Wk 11: Student’s Choice – Sketch

For this week’s activity I decided to sketch a face. I’ve never sketched anyone’s face before. Ive also never taken an art class that taught me how to sketch. I always found it interesting to try and sketch a face because my grandfather and my mother both knew how to draw and paint.

I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with my inner artist. Yes the hat seems a bit off and the face is not 100% accurate, but I still feel accomplished. Im surprised that I spent many hours on this. I figured that it’s probably because I have no knowledge about shading.

I plan on giving this to my friend sometime. Hopefully she doesn’t find it too off haha.

Wk 11: Artist – Romina Del Castillo

I felt a connection with this particular drawing as I entered the art gallery today. The guy looks pretty bored and I feel like that’s me sometimes over the weekends.

Another reason why I picked this drawing is because I’ve been a little bit interested in sketching. I’ve always wanted to experiment with sketching for a long time. When I saw the gallery filled with sketches, I automatically knew I would find something nice inside.

When I saw this sketch, I thought about the tremendous amount of time it must have taken for the artist to create such a piece with all the shading and detailing.

Overall I think that the art looks great.

Wk 11: Classmate Interview – Christopher Soerachmat

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher Soerachmat, an alumni from Westminster High School.He is currently a student attending in CSULB and majoring in Film and Electronics.

Similarly, we both have lived outside of the United States for a good amount of time. He lived in Indonesia and schooled there from Kindergarten through seventh grade, and I spent a total of eight years in the Philippines. According to him, the weather in Indonesia is usually very humid and when it rains, it rains a lot harder than when it rains here. Our languages also have some words that mean the same thing. the word “tae” means poop in both our languages and while I say “sapatos” for shoes, he says “sepatu.”

He discovered his interest in editing videos during his 3rd or 4th grade when his father gave him his first phone, a Nokia flip phone with a camera. He experimented with stop motion editing. His favorite part about film editing is about making something special from a regular video.

He’s an easy person to talk to and seems very chill. Check out his blog at http://christophersoerachmat.com/

Wk 10: Activity – Photography

I decided to take my photo on campus because i thought that since I’m on campus everyday from 8:00 in the morning up until 1:00 am or later, chances are that I’m probably going to die on campus.

I don’t usually wear red but it was a cold night and I decided to wear the only sweater that I could find. I died with an umbrella on one hand and my backpack next to me. The workload from school was probably too much for me to handle.

Im not quite sure why I chose this pose for my death pose but I think the position of my legs came second nature as a breakdancer. If I did die, this wouldn’t be a bad pose.

Wk 10: Classmate Interview – Anthony Diaz

Over to my right is Anthony Diaz, a laid-back person who’s easy to talk to. I met him when I was collecting ID copies with my envelope and he came up to me and asked if I had already interviewed someone.

He graduated from a Catholic School in Torrance called Bishop Montgomery. He described the place to be very chill with an average of 30 students per class. Now he is a freshman in CSULB majoring in Computer Science. However, he has a deep passion for music and plans to switch his major into something else that involves music.

I asked him if he has ever travelled outside of the country and I learned that he has traveled several times to Mexico for vacations because his relatives own land there. To my surprise we both Mexico and the Philippines share many similarities from what he described. Terrible roads, laid-back people, passengers on the back of a pickup truck, and the environment overall.

I think Anthony is a pretty chill person in my opinion. Check out his site at http://diazzzzzz.wordpress.com

Wk 10: Artist – Dana Fleming

Today, I chose this red orange football stadium from the gallery. It caught my attention because I noticed the sparkling circles looping around the stadium. I think that the color combination blends interestingly.

Another feature of the art piece that catches my interest is the small details of the sculpture. From the miniature rows of seats to the architecture of the entire stadium. I think this captivated me because it reminded me of my architecture class back in high school. I had to build a miniature house to scale with a drawing design.

It probably took a lot of time and patience to create. Overall, I think it’s a magnificent piece of art.