Wk 11: Student’s Choice – Sketch

For this week’s activity I decided to sketch a face. I’ve never sketched anyone’s face before. Ive also never taken an art class that taught me how to sketch. I always found it interesting to try and sketch a face because my grandfather and my mother both knew how to draw and paint.

I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with my inner artist. Yes the hat seems a bit off and the face is not 100% accurate, but I still feel accomplished. Im surprised that I spent many hours on this. I figured that it’s probably because I have no knowledge about shading.

I plan on giving this to my friend sometime. Hopefully she doesn’t find it too off haha.


Wk 6: French Girls App


I can kinda draw with paper and pencil but trying to draw with a touchscreen is pretty difficult. In the image I tried to draw, one side of the girl’s face is darker than the other only because I was trying to convey the different shades in the picture. However the lack of colors to select from the app left me with no choice but to leave it as is. lol

The person who drew me was very talented. Somehow the person knew I liked to wear blue shirts even though I wasn’t wearing any blue in the picture I took. I was very happy lol. However, my face was drawn all chubby and I got some fat lips. The eyes were pretty on point.

I think the advertisement shown for the app during my art class was historically accurate about the selfie images and stuff. I like how the guy icy yet wearing a thong with his hairy chest. It was funny. Using the app was a lot of fun and helped pass time.